Summer Grilling Ideas with 3 Incredible Wing Sauces

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Summer for me and my family means hanging out at my parents’ pool with the smell of sunscreen, a little bit of chlorine, and a charcoal grill. For 10 years now since the pool was put in, many of my fondest memories rely around these scents and the warmth of summer, including the open house we held the day after my wedding. With 14 of us, we are always looking for easy party food, so we were excited when Sams Club {our go-to store for feeding the whole gang} offered these Tyson Grillin’ Wings. It was the perfect time AND DEAL to have fun with some new sauces for the grill. I loved these 3 sauces on the wings and can’t wait to use them on other grilling ideas this summer. Hopefully you will try and love them, too!!

3 Delicious Summer Grilling Sauces - Perfect with Tyson Grillin' Wings {The Love Nerds} #recipe #whatsgrillin #CollectiveBias #ad

Tyson Grillin’ Wings were so easy to make. You want to know how easy? So easy that my father actually started the fire and let me do the rest. This might not seem like a big deal – I am almost 30 after all. But this was my first time grilling myself on a charcoal grill and only my third time grilling ever. Since my husband and I don’t have a house yet, grilling is something we don’t really have access to yet, so grilled food is a special treat when we head to family.

3 Delicious Summer Grilling Sauces - Perfect with Tyson Grillin' Wings {The Love Nerds} #recipe #whatsgrillin #CollectiveBias #ad

Back to the wings though – I grilled them myself (enter me tooting my own horn), and they were so easy. The package says to add the FROZEN wings to a grill at medium heat. You will want to spray the grill with non-stick cooking spray. I cooked them for about 12 minutes before then adding these 3 different wing sauces. Each wing sauce will offer something distinct for your party: a tangy Asian inspired sauce with the Pineapple Teriyaki, a sweet smokey sauce with the Peach Barbecue, and a little kick with the Honey Sriracha.

3 Delicious Summer Grilling Sauces - Perfect with Tyson Grillin' Wings {The Love Nerds} #recipe #whatsgrillin #CollectiveBias #ad

If you go looking for them in Sam’s Club, you will need to go to the freezer section (remember what I said above about grilling them frozen?). You can definitely find them in the freezer chicken section, but my Sam’s Club also had them on an end cap.

3 Delicious Summer Grilling Sauces, including this Pineapple Teriyaki Sauce - Perfect with Tyson Grillin' Wings {The Love Nerds} #recipe #whatsgrillin #CollectiveBias #ad

Pineapple Teriyaki

When making this sauce, I often use the Lawry’s Teriyaki marinade with pineapple juice already included. I still add additional pineapple juice though because I like it to be a bit more flavorful and fruity. Of the three sauces, this will be the thinnest. When adding to the wings, I used a spoon and poured sauce onto the wings. They still had plenty of flavor adding the sauce this way.

INGREDIENTS {mix together}
1 cup Teriyaki Sauce
½ cup Pineapple Juice

3 Delicious Summer Grilling Sauces, including this Peach Barbecue Sauce - Perfect with Tyson Grillin' Wings {The Love Nerds} #recipe #whatsgrillin

Peach Barbecue Sauce

This was the overall crowd pleaser, probably because it was the most traditional with a BBQ sauce base. It is thicker, so you will definitely want to have a brush for adding to the wings.

INGREDIENTS {mix together}
2/3 cup Peach Preserves
1 cup preferred BBQ sauce (I recommend one with a smokey flavor to pair well with the sweet of the peach preserves)
3 tsp yellow mustard

Looking at the ingredients, this makes almost 2 cups. If you aren’t flavoring a lot of wings, divide the ingredients down for a smaller batch.

3 Delicious Summer Grilling Sauces, including this Sriracha Honey Sauce - Perfect with Tyson Grillin' Wings {The Love Nerds} #recipe #whatsgrillin #CollectiveBias #ad

Sriracha Honey

This is my personal favorite! It is my third recipe with Sriracha sauce, and I absolutely loved it!

I want to reassure you that this is not a super spicy sauce. I wouldn’t be able to eat it if it was. The honey balances out the hot heat from the Sriracha sauce, so the end result is a fabulous kick. After trying, if you still think it is too spicy, add more honey and oil. Both of those will help decrease the heat.

INGREDIENTS {mix together}
1/3 cup honey
¼ cup Sriracha Sauce
1 tsp lemon or lime juice
1 tsp olive oil or vegetable oil (coconut oil could work but have never tested)
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp onion powder

3 Delicious Summer Grilling Sauces - Perfect with Tyson Grillin' Wings {The Love Nerds} #recipe #whatsgrillin #CollectiveBias #ad

To serve, I used chalkboard labels to identify the three different sauce options. I didn’t want my mom or the little kids to accidentally go for the Sriracha honey. I also made little serving cups before hand of ranch and blue cheese with celery and carrots. Make these before hand makes it super easy to serve for a large party. Plus, you can coordinate the colors of the cups for the event. Wouldn’t these black and white cups be perfect for a graduation party?! Then, quickly prepare a pitcher of Kraft’s Country Time Lemonade, and you are ready to eat!

3 Delicious Summer Grilling Sauces - Perfect with Tyson Grillin' Wings {The Love Nerds} #recipe #whatsgrillin #CollectiveBias #adOne of the best things about this package of wings is that if you some how have leftovers from your party or family dinner, you can also cook these frozen wings in the oven. My husband is a major wing fan and loved these! He is a very happy camper this week because we didn’t cook all of them on the grill for dinner, so he will be making himself chicken wings in the oven for an easy to make dinner while I am away in Florida with my sister. He seriously can’t wait to make them again.

Don’t miss out on these Tyson Grillin’ Wings! Check out Tyson on Twitter and Facebook, then head to Sams Club now!! #whatsgrillin

What’s your favorite dish on the grill?

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  1. Christa says

    Was looking for a great wing sauce and man did I find one. I tried the honey sriracha one and it was a hit! Boyfriend and roommate loved them! Highly recommended!


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